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How to reduce data Consumption on Android Devices

Data consumption on android devices can sometimes be outrageous, since it’s applications has the ability of connecting to the internet at the background and sometimes updating its self  without the consent of the owner.

 To reduce data consumption by 50% or more there are certain easy configuration you have to do on your device.

STEP ONE: Locate the settings of your phone

STEP 2: Click on Setting

STEP 3: Click on Data Usage

Step 4: Scroll down; when you scroll down, you will see the apps that are consuming your internet data.

Step 5: Click on the application’s icon

Step 6: Click on the check box beside “Restrict background data” that is make sure the box is ticked . after that go back.

Step 7: Go back to Data Usage and restrict the background data for each app on the list except google play, whatsapp, bbm, operamini and internet. Enjoy!

Hint: To save more data, use operamini to browse facebook, news, mails e.t.c instead of the regular facebook, news or email app.

Operamini Data Usage Summary

Advance Option:

 This is for those that want to save extra data. This can be done by using Opera Max.

What is opera max? It is a free app that extends the life of your data plan by up to 50%, especially if you use video and image-heavy apps such as Vine, Instagram, Vevo or Flipboard.

How can I get it?

Step 1: Locate the Playstore icon on your phone and click on it.

Step2: Click on the search icon and type “Opera Max”

Step 3: Click on the Opera Max Icon

Step 4: Click on “Install” then  “Accept”

Step 5: Wait for it to download and install

Step 6: Click on open.

Step 7: When the Opera Max app comes up, swipe your screen to the left twice then click on “agree & continue”

Step 8: Click on start saving, tick the “I trust this application” check-box then click ok

Step 9 (optional): This step involves blocking some apps from consuming data without your knowledge; click on the options, this is located at the top left corner.

Step 10 (optional): Click on App management, then touch the apps you won’t like to block from accessing your data connection. The apps you have blocked will be seen on the right part of the screen.

Step 11: Click on your home button and enjoy!

For more information on opera max click here

NB: To switch off Opera Max, swipe your screen from the top towards the middle, click on the opera max icon, a box will pop up,  click on disconnect and that’s all.


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