Datashare Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this a browsing cheat?

A. No, it is not a browsing cheat,  we buy in bulk from service providers and resell smaller units to subscribers.

Q. What's the code to use when I want to subscribe?

A. There is no code because the data is transferred to your SIM after you make payment. Just like the way credit to transferred to your SIM via share and sell.

Q. How do I subscribe?

A. To subscribe,  text the required amount of recharge card to 09035727744 or 08069569676  and specify the number you would like the data to be sent to, when the recharge pin is confirmed, the data will be sent to you.

Q. Can I pay cash?

A. Yes you can pay cash by transferring/depositing the required amount to our company's account. After that send the number you would like to use to subscribe to 09035727744 or 08069569676 once we confirm your payment, your subscription will be activated on the SIM card you specified.

Q. How do I check my data balance?
A. To check your data balance,  dial *461*2#  on MTN.
For Glo dial *127*0#

Q. How long does the data-bundle last?

A. For MTN, it is valid for 3 months while for Glo, it's a monthly subscription which means it is valid for 30 days.
The data-bundle will last based on how you use/consume it within the 30days validity period.

Q. Can I share my data plan with another person?

A. You can share your dataplan with another person/device only  through  hotspot connection.

Q. Can I top- up during the subscription cyle?

A. Yes, you can buy additional datashare bundle as many times as possible,  whether you have have exhausted it or not. The purchased data will be accumulated in your balance and the expiry date will be 30days from the latest date of purchase.

Q. Can I use the subscription on my blackberry phone?

A. Yes but you can use it only on blackberry 10 devices.

Q. I just subscribed and credit is still being deducted from my account balance,  what do I do?

A. On MTN,  text Dataon to 131, wait for a response then restart your phone.

Q. Can I share the data i purchased to another sim without hotspot?

A. No, you can't.  What you have to do is purchase data for the other sim too.

Q. Can I split one gig data on mtn or glo into different sims?

A. No you can't because the minimum data(on MTN and Glo) that can be shared to another sim from us ( your sponsor ) is 1gig.

Q. My data finishes fast on my android phone what do I do?

A. View our data consumption reduction on our tutorial page.


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