FastBundle Power User Challenge Terms And Conditions
FastBundle Power User Challenge
It's easy to win 1gig multiple times (thrice a month) in FastBundle Power User Challenge, here are the steps, terms and Conditions :-
  1. Put up/post our current digital flyer on your Whatsapp display picture or Status for 3 days(72hours).

  2. Invite 2 new people (within 7days of entry) to subscribe for 1GB and above data subscription. (Your two friends will get 500mb bonus on their 4th subscription.
  3. Claim your reward by sharing your achievement on Facebook or Instagram using the caption provided.

  4. After completing step 1 to 3, notify us and you will get 1gig free.
Terms And Conditions
  1. Putting up or using our digital flyer as your Whatsapp display picture or status for 72 hours, upon entry is compulsory for all participants on every entry, there will be no exemption.

  2. Invitation of two new people; that are not already our customer to subscribe for FastBundle 1GB and above Dataplans as stated in “Step 2” is compulsory and has to be done within 7days of entry.

  3. Offer is available to old, new and non customers (Guests).

  4. Even if you don’t have an MTN SIM or a phone feel free to participate, you will also get the same reward (1GB free on each completion).

  5. You can win 1GB once in fifteen days (14days from entry date for each entry).

  6. After claiming your reward, complete step 1 to 4, to claim another 1 gig reward in line with the conditions above.

  7. Power User Challenge Begins on the 7th of March and ends on 28th Of December 2018.

  8. Our terms, conditions and duration of FastBundle PowerUser Challenge are susceptible to changes during the promo.
Send “ACTIVATE” to 08069569676 OR 07069279842 OR 08069582557 to start winning, T&Cs apply.


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