20 Most Useful Microsoft Word Shortcuts.

Here are 20 frequently used shortcuts in  Microsoft word,  applies To: Word 2016, Word 2013, Word 2010, Word 2007, Word Starter 2010.

  1.     "Ctrl+W" (Close the active window / document).
  2.     "Ctrl+"  (Undo an action).
  3.     "Ctrl+Y" (Redo the last action or repeat an action).
  4.     "Ctrl+S" (Save a document)
  5.     "Ctrl+P" (Print a document).
  6.     "Ctrl+K" (Insert a hyperlink)
  7.     "Alt+Left" (Arrow Go back one page).
  8.     "Alt+Right" (Arrow Go forward one page).
  9.     "Ctrl+C" (Copy selected text or graphics to the Office Clipboard).
  10.     "Ctrl+V" (Paste the most recent addition to the Office Clipboard).
  11.     "Ctrl+Shift+A" (Format all letters as capitals).
  12.     "Ctrl+B" (Applies or removes bold formatting).
  13.     "Ctrl+I" (Applies or removes italic formatting).
  14.     "Ctrl+=" (Apply subscript formatting (automatic spacing)).
  15.     "Alt+F+A" (Save As).
  16.     "Alt+S+T+I" (Insert Table of Contents).
  17.     "Alt+S+T+R" (Remove Table of Contents).
  18.     "Alt+W+F" (Full Screen Reading – View > Document Views > Full Screen Reading).
  19.     "Alt+W+R" (Ruler. View > Show/Hide > Ruler).
  20.     "Alt+F+X" (Exit Word).

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