How To hibernate Your Windows 8, 8.1 Or 10 Laptop.

Hibernate/ hibernate mode when applied simply means that when you power down your Laptop/ Desktop, your documents and running applications will save on your hard-disk and whenever you  switch on your laptop it will resume everything where you left off.

One of the first things i noticed about Windows 8 to 10 is that the hibernate button was not included in the start menu and there are so many people that believe that the feature was not included in the state of the art operating system but the good news is that the feature is existing in it and is easy to enable. To enable this feature follow the steps below:-

Step 1:  Click on the battery icon on the bottom left corner on your desktop.

Step2: Click on 'more power option' then click on 'change plan settings'.

Step3: Click on 'advance power setting'.

Step4: Scroll down to Power button and lid, then click on the plus sign(i.e the drop down menu), from here you can configure what the power button, the lid close action (what your laptop does when you close the lid) and the sleep does when you're using electricity and when you're on battery.

Step5: Click on 'power button action'  then change the on battery action to Hibernate(click on the drown down menu and choose hibernate from the list) and the plugged in action to hibernate, this simply means that when you're on electricity and you press the power button, your PC will hibernate, as seen above the same thing applies when you're on battery.

Step 6: Click  on 'apply' then click ok.

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