Are you addicted to your electronic gadgets? 5 tips to get your life back!

With the recent increase in the addiction to tech gadgets, reports has shown that people spend over 6hrs everyday on social media pages and apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, blogs, games and even emails. When people come home in the evening, during dinning or meetings they barely talk to  their family members, friends and loved ones because they can't take their eyes off their smart phone's screen. To free yourself from such addiction, follow the steps below.

1. Create two lists: First of all, create two lists; The first list should contain all your gadgets which will show your addiction to technology. The second list should contain all the things which you enjoy doing in life, but aren’t doing presently. Do you already realize how you could do more meaningful things than checking the latest tweets or updates to your Facebook timeline? If not: Limit the daily usage time of your technical stuff and you will have more time for the meaningful things. And yes, this might be the tip which will become the hardest to realize.
2. No emails after 7pm: This is easy: Don’t read your working related emails after 7pm (but you’re on an emergency list). If that doesn’t work with your employer try to agree upon a certain time you don’t have to read your emails anymore. Your employer might be interested in your physical and mental health, too.

 3. Ban devices from the dining table: The evening meal should be celebrated! It’s the sign for the end of your working day. You also have to think about different stuff than your work or people on your timeline and therefore it’s time to talk with your beloved one’s. Nothing disturbs a good talk more than the continuous looks at a smartphone.

4. Celebrate mobile-free weekends: Switch off your mobile devices for a Saturday, a Sunday or even for a whole weekend! You’ll be surprised how much time you’ll have for other things.

 5. On vacation, put your mobile in the hotel safe: Your vacation is your free time, too. While you’re on vacation it will not be the end of the world if you do not check your emails. Make sure to organize one or even more replacements for your duties! With this (mental) preparation you will be able to enjoy your vacation without any working related interruptions. Sounds easy for you? Then try it! Share your experience using the comment box.

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