24 Important Windows Keyboard Shortcuts That Make You Faster

keyboard shortcuts helps you to get work done faster with less effort.  If you work more with windows then this keyboard shortcuts will be very helpful for you, also by using this shortcuts you can do your job very faster. With little practice you will master  these shortcuts just like copy and paste shortcuts. If your daily job is with windows then you can try this 24 keyboard shortcuts for getting work done faster.

  •     Ctrl + C (Copy) i.e  after highlighting, Press the Ctrl key and C together. The same thing (pressing the keys together)  applies to the shortcut commands below.
  •     Ctrl + X (Cut)
  •     Ctrl + V (Paste)
  •     Ctrl + Z (Undo)
  •     Ctrl + Y (Redo)
  •     Ctrl + A (Select all) 
  •     Alt + Enter or Alt + Double Click on Any Icon (View the properties of selected item or any folder   i.e   it another way to right click)
  •     Alt + Tab (Switch between many open items)
  •     F2 key (Rename selected item)
  •     F3 is used to search for a file or folder 
  •     F5 is used to refresh the active window
  •     Ctrl+Shift+Esc (Open Task Manager)
  •     Ctrl+Tab (Move forward the tabs)→This Shortcut helps you in browsers, you can move tabs forward if you open many tabs in browsers.
  •     Ctrl + Shift + Tab (Move backward the tabs)→This is reverse process of Ctrl+Tab
  •     Ctrl + F (Start the Find utility)
  •     Ctrl + Shift with any arrow key (Highlight a text or item)
  •     Windows Logo + D (Display the desktop)
  •     Windows Logo + M (Minimize all the windows)
  •     Windows Logo + E (Open My Computer)
  •     Windows Logo + L (Lock the computer)
  •     Windows Logo + R (Open the Run dialog box)
  •     Windows Logo + U (Open Utility Manager
  •      Window Logo + X  (Open the Quick Link menu which you use quickly use the select control panel, network connections, programs and features e.t.c)

To learn all other windows shortcut click here

Feel free to add any shortcut you use daily in the comment session.


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