How to perform extra task on google search engine(2017)

 Here is a list of some useful extra task you can do on google, enjoy.

1. Google Calculator:

You can search the word “calculator” to see this google tricks and secrets.

With this tool you can do calculations without leaving the comfort of your web browser.

2. OK Google:
This is one of the coolest feature because you can search for anything online without touching any button, you can search for stuffs online by just saying “Ok Google“, To enable this you have to click on Microphone sign in Google Search engine bar.

3. Google Sale:

With the sale keyword, you can buy items online at the cheapest available price. E.g  "iPhone 6 sale",  "Private Jet sale", "Sewing machine sale", " Brazilian hair sale" or whatever you have in mind you can also narrow it down to the e-commerce site you have in mind by adding the ecommerce site to your query e.g "washing machine Jumia sale" 

4. The Distance between Cities and Flight Between cities:

You can search this by just typing: “Lagos to Malaysia”, Just replace the two cities with the city you want to see the distances and flights.

5. Get Definitions Google Tricks:it's easy to get definitions of any keyword by just typing “Define” e.g "Define technology"

You can replace technology with any keyword and see the correct definition.

6. Google Live Webcams:

You can watch the live CCTV camera footage of many areas, this is a good way to get the hang of what's happening around you.

You can do this just by typing Live Webcams and then search for I am feeling Lucky button. This may not work in some parts on Nigeria but it works pretty well in America, Russia and some other countries

7. Find Sports Schedules:
For sports lovers like us, you can find sports schedules by simply typing the name of the sport and schedules together e.g "Football schedule" or "Basketball schedule" or any sport you have in mind you can also add the title of the competition to the keyword/ query to get concise results e.g  "Nations cup football schedule".

8. Find Name of Movie Actor:

With this feature you can find out the stars in any movie by simply typing cast and the name of the movie e.g "Cast Logan"

In place of furious 7, type any movie you wanted to.
9. Google Number Speaker:

If you are unable to speak any word than google can suggest you,

To do this you have to type “44446=English”, You can replace it with any number and any language.

google number speaker
10. Do Conversions:

If you want to convert from any degree, distance and any other dimensions than this google trick are for you,

You just have to type”cm into inches”, “meter into feet” and “Dollar into INR”, or any maths dimension, currency or anything else.


11. Set Timer Google Tricks:

If you want to set timer in Google than just type “Set Timer” in Google search result,

you can set any time and when that time completes then there will be a sound of the beep, beep and so on.

set timer Google Tricks
12. Sunrise and Sunset times:

This is amazing google trick, as this tells you the sunrise and sunset time of any place, just type in google search bar like “Sunset California” or “Sunrise California“,

You can replace the place, country, and city with the California.
13. Translator:

This is a great Google translator which can translate from one language to another language in few seconds,

You can do this google trick by just typing ““English to Spanish.“ You can replace English and Spanish with any other language.

 14. Google Chrome’s Secret game:

This is one of the amazing google tricks that many people do not know.

When you are offline, and there is not any game in you PC, you can open the Google chrome, and you just have to:

Press the space bar and the dinosaur game will automatically start. Just press again space bar and play it.

Works only when you are not online on your Internet connection

15. Zerg Rush:

To see this Google secret just type “Zerg Rush” into the Google search bar.

This is also an amazing game that you can play anytime when are online, In this game, you have to press the O-shaped buttons until they get exploded. The red dots you have to hit while playing a game.

16. Atari Breakout:

You can search this term “Atari Breakout” by searching in Google images. This is a very great game to kill the boredom.

17. Google Pacman:

You can play this game by just typing the “Google Pacman,”  There is an option of  the match now, click on it and play it.

This is a very popular and interesting game.

You can play it here: Google Pacman

18. Dancing YouTube:

This is basically a Google Youtube trick, You can type this:

“Use the force, Luke” and “do the Harlem shake”

You can see the magic and Google trick.

19. Heart graph:

This is amazing Google trick with which you can make any graph by just writing equation of graph,

To make a heart graph copy this term and search in Google:

“sqrt(cos(x))*sin(300x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(6-x^2), -sqrt(6-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5″

heart graph

20. Askew:



All the letter in the Google search results get blurred and distorted, This is like tilt but the main difference is that the words get blurred.

21. Google in 1998:

If you want to know how Google look in the year 1998 than just search this:

” Google in 1998”

22. Blink HTML:

When you search ” Blink HTML ” than all the letter in the google search results will start blinking.

This is a very funny Google trick that you can use anytime.

23. Flip a coin:

By typing “Flip a coin” you can flip and coin and check whether you get head and tail.

This may use when while tossing you do not have a coin.

Also, go to and type flip a going and click on I am feeling Lucky button.

Google tricks
24. Barrel roll:

This is a great trick,

You can rotate the Google to 360 by just searching the term “Do a Barrel Roll.”

Your friends will be amazed if you will try in front of them.

25. Google Gravity:

If you got any chance to search “Google gravity” and hit “I’m feeling lucky”, then don’t get surprised if Google comes start crashing down around you when you move the mouse. (Hint: you can disable/enable Google’s instant results in your account preferences page to make sure that you get the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ option).

26. Forecast:

If you want to know the weather forecast of a place than search for “forecast in “city name”” and search for it and the Google will tell you forecast of that place.

There are many websites which forecast weather but google forecast is one of the best.

27. Find Specific Result from a Website:

To find the specific results from a website you just have to do this

“Your keyword” “”.

28. Keyword Search in Title:

Do you want to a particular keyword in title then use  “intitle : Your keyword”


“auditing tutorial intitle:2017”

29. Flight Status:

The flight situation of any flight can be readily known with the help of Google, even without exiting to any other website.

You can use “Flight Name and Number”

Example  “Arik Flight 102″:

30. Company Owner Name:

If you do not want to go to any other website rather than to Google and still want to find the owner of the company

then write “Founder of “Company name””.

Example  “Founder of Google”:

31. Find Books:

Search all books from your favourite authors. Just type Books Written By Author Name.

For example, Books Written by John Grisham and you can see the results of all books written by John Grisham:

32. Google image search

Google Image Search means that you can search for information about an image using Google.

Go to Google Images and click on the camera icon shown in the page: Google tricks image search

You can easily search with the help of the image URL or by uploading an image:

Google image search
Google Tricks

33. Search Two Queries in One tab:

One of my Favourite Google Tricks. You can easily search for two keywords in a single tab by placing “OR” in between the two searches.

Just type in Query 1 OR Query 2.This

For example Apple OR Samsung

Be careful to use OR in capital letters.

34. Restaurants near me:

You can easily find out restaurants near you by just searching Google this Restaurants near me.

Google will show all the hotels and restaurants near you in a list form.

Restaurants near me

You can also book directly on these Hotels and Restaurants.

35. Travel time:

You can easily calculate the time between two cities or by destination.

Just type in Time travel between Destination 1 and Destination 2

time travel

36. Find IP Address:

You can find your IP address by just typing IP in Google search result and Google will show you your IP.

ip address

37. File Type Search:

Sometimes you needs a specific file like .pdf, .ppt and .doc.

You can easily do it in Google Search Results by typing FileType: FileType Extension + Query.

Do not forget to add filetype: in whatever you are searching for, if you do not know extension then there is the list of extensions.

I have searched for filetype: PDF Seo –

38. Convert International Timings:

You can easily convert international timings by using proper Location Codes.

39. Find International Timing:

Do you want to know the timings of any country? Just type in Time in Country Name.

40. Find Holidays:

You can easily find holidays by just typing the name of the occasion.

For Example – Christmas 2018

google holidays

41. Tourist Locations

Are you Confused before going to a trip? If yes then this is one of the Google tricks that will help you find the best tourist spots near what place you want to search.

Just type in Location Name Attractions

For Example – New York Attractions

google tourist

42. Customer Service Number:

Google will help you to find the customer care number of any company.

You can find the customer care number of any company by just typing Company Name Customer Care Number.

43. Quick Stats:

Google is full of stats. It can of countries, oorganizations and MNCs.

You can easily know by just typing like Population in the USA or What is Population in the USA

Google will show you great stats of anything that you want.

google population
44. What Day is it in N days:

It is one of very useful Google Trick from all Google Tricks.

You can easily find out what day is it in N days.

Just type in what day is it in 10 days.

45. Find Graph:

You can easily plot a Graph in Google by just typing the function.

Just type in tan(y)

tan graph

46. Roll a Dice:

You can easily roll a dice with the help of Roll a Dice.

Just type in Roll a Dice in Google.

google roll a dice

47. Check out Animal Sounds:

This is a nice Google trick out of Google Tricks by which we can easily, listen to the sounds of animals.

Just type in google search bar, animal sounds example: Lion sounds

48. Follow Stocks:

If you are a stock lover then this Google trick will help you out because you can easily check out stocks from the main page of Google.

Just type in Stock: Dangote Cement

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