Clever Ways to Save Mobile Data When Using WhatsApp

Your internet subscription is a limited and scarce resource, that why it should be managed properly.  Most mobile data plan gives a limit not to go pass, and there is a price for each megabyte you use. You can configure most apps to save data as much of it is squandered on things you could do without.

WhatsApp is no exception. Here are 4 clever things you can do to use your mobile data optimally with WhatsApp.

1. Switch off Auto Download for media files:
During installation WhatsApp is configured by default to automatically download any type of media file that is sent to you, this files include videos, images and documents.

 To disable this feature click on the three dots at the top right corner >

then click on settings >

Data usage >  'When using mobile data' gives you a menu to check whether to download images, audio, videos, and documents or none of these (by keeping all options unchecked).

Uncheck all check boxes, then click ok.

If you are on a serious mobile data diet, uncheck all. You can, of course, check all in the 'When connected on Wi-Fi' menu, which is the default setting.

2. Restrict your scheduled Whatsapp Chat BackUp:
WhatsApp allows you to make a backup of your chats and media to an online server (cloud). This means that it stores a copy of all your text chats, images and videos ( your voice/video calls are not included) on your Google Drive account so that you can retrieve them later, such as after changing phone or a re-installation. This feature helps  a lot if you value your conversations and their contents.

Now your chat data does not need to be backup when you are on the go. You can wait till you reach a WiFi hotspot to have it done. You can set that in Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.

In the 'Back-up over' option select WiFi instead of WiFi or Cellular. You can also restrict the interval of your backup. By default, it is done monthly. You can change that on the 'Back up to Google Drive' option to never backup, to do it as often as daily or weekly, or whenever you want. There is a button in the main chat Backup menu that allows you to make the backup whenever you want manually.

You also want to exclude videos from your backups, which anyway can be downloaded anyway whenever you want. So, in the same Chat backup menu, make sure the 'Include videos' option remains unchecked.

For iPhone users, the settings are a little bit different. The backup is done on iCloud.  There aren't as many options as with the Android version, but the feature is there. Enter the iCloud driver settings in Setting > iCloud > iCloud Drive and set the Use Cellular Data option to off.  Excluding videos when backing up can be done in WhatsApp Settings > Chats and Calls > Chat Backup, where you can set the Include Videos option off.

                                                                                                                                                                   3. Set Whatsapp to use less data during video/voice calls: This feature is embedded in the settings interface.

when it is enabled the quality of your Whatsapp call will be a bit lower but the voice of the person you are talking to will still be clear and audible. It could possibly be using a codec with higher compression, for example. You can test the option by activating it for some time and see how you like the lower-quality calls and make a trade-off.     

4. Use Video calls moderately:
Chatting face to face(Video call) on WhatsApp is fun because real facial expressions replaces simileys and voice tones takes over small and capital letters, but using video calls over mobile data plans can wipe off your data balance within an 90 minutes. If you are using a limited save data subscription, you can reduce the amount of time you spend on video calls. It is advisable to make long video calls when you are connected to a free wifi or unlimited data plan.

                                                                                                                                                                      5. Monitor Your Consumption
The four steps above was about controlling your data, but half of controlling is monitoring. It is good to know how much data is being used. WhatsApp has some detailed and interesting statistics that gives you an idea of how much data it is consuming. In the WhatsApp menu, enter Settings > Data Usage > Network usage. It gives you a list of figures that have been counted since you installed and used WhatsApp on your device. You can reset all values to zero and start counting over again so you can have a better idea about your usage after a specific number of days. Browse all the way down to the last item in the list and select Reset statistics.

The figures that will more likely interest you if you want to monitor your device for in view of saving mobile data are the Media bytes received and sent, which indicated how much data are spent on media, one of the biggest data consumers. Note that you spend your mobile data when sending messages and media as well receiving. Same applies for calls, you spend data when receiving calls as well as making them. You will also be interested in the number WhatsApp call bytes sent and received. There are figures for data used up for backing up as well. The most important figures are the total bytes sent and received, which appear at the bottom.

Your operating system can help you control data usage as well. You access it through Settings > Data Usage. You can set a mobile data limited, beyond which your mobile data will automatically turn off. This applies not only for WhatsApp but for the total number of bytes used in the whole device. Android gives you a list of apps that consume mobile data, sorting them in descending order of data consumption.

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