Five reasons why you should check if your social media account has been cloned.

 Scams have been popping up on Facebook and other social media platforms using cloned personal profiles to extort cash from victims’ connections.

The scammers may be able to create a profile that  at least at first glance looks very much like the target’s genuine profile. Especially if the victim has all or some of his or her profile material set to “public”.  It is important to know that Facebook cloning is NOT “hacking” as claimed in some circulating security warnings. There are so many reason why you should check if your social media account has been cloned and they are as follows:

1. It can be used to send friend request to your friends, then extract sensitive information from them which simply means the scammers may also use the illusion of friendship to collect personal information from your friends. A cloned account  may be even used to commit identity theft by tricking the victim’s friends into divulging a large amount of their personal and financial information.

2. It can be used to tarnish your image, this can be done when the user posts things that are very misleading, thereby tricking some of your social media friends to believe fake stories.

3. It can be used to scam your friends.This can be done when the cloned account is used to “friend” your friends and look for opportunities to spring a trap, faking some kind of emergency as an excuse to ask your personal contacts for money. Or, they’ll make up some kind of investment scheme and pitch it to your connections on Facebook.

4. It can also be used to ask your family and friends for favors such as helping them to pick up an item or run errands that may land them in jail.

5.  It can cost you your Job since your facebook account has be used to connect to your colleagues, clients or boss.

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