How to Retrieve Your Lost SIM Card.

Whenever your SIM Card gets missing or your phone was stolen and you want to keep your precious old number, simply follow the steps below:

1. Buy a new SIM card: Make sure the wrote welcome back or back on the SIM Pack.

2. Don't activate it or put it inside a phone yet.

3. Use another number and  call the customer care service of your network provider; for MTN call 180, for GLO call 121, for Airtel call 111 and for ETISALAT call 200, the reason for calling is for SIM SWAP which means you are calling to give them details of your old SIM card and your new SIM card, to enable them to SWAP it for you.
4. Be ready to ready answer few questions like; list the five numbers you call frequently, your full name, your house address, your date of birth, your mother's maiden name e.t.c

You will be welcomed back to your old line within 12hours. i.e the new sim card you bought will no longer call the number it came with but your old number.


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