How to make your iPhone/iPad Internet subscription last 5x longer.

How to make your iPhone/iPad Internet subscription last 5 times longer.

Happy new year. To learn how to reduce your internet data consumption on iPhone/ iPad, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to setting

Step 2: Click on cellular data.

Step 3: Under "use cellular for" click on the toggle button to switch off any app from using the Internet. When the switch is green it means that the app has access to the Internet, when it is white it means that the app has been restricted and cannot access the Internet. Restrict as many apps as possible to prevent them from accessing the Internet.

NB: The toggle button should green for apps that you use online regularly. 

Step 4:  On the left pane, click on general, and the right pane click on "background app refresh"

Step 5: On the right pane click on the button close to the "background app refresh" to enable it( the button should be green like the one in the image below).

Step 6: Click on the button beside the app to enable or disable any app from refreshing at the back ground.

NB: To save more data, download operamini browser from App Store and use it whenever you want to browse.

For iOS 9 some users found that their Mobile Data (or Cellular Data if you are in the US) was being used up more rapidly than before. 
It turned out that the reason for this was Apple’s new WiFi Assist feature, which will utilize the mobile network if your WiFi is flaky. 
If you think this is happening to you, you can turn this feature off in Settings > Mobile Data then scroll to the bottom of the page where you can turn off Wi-Fi Assist. 
Apple has admitted that users “might use more cellular data” in a new support document about the feature.

Enjoy. Please drop your comments. Thank you.


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