How to Check for your Phone Number on MTN, GLO, Airtel and Etisalat.


Due to the fact that most people have more than one sim card, they tend to memorize one of them and neglect the rest, there may be a time one needs to provide such a number, to find your way out in such situation, all you need to do is dial the codes below for the required network. Your number be be displayed on the your screen or sent to you as an sms.

How to Check Phone Number on Glo Nigeria.

Glo is one of the most used gsm network in Nigeria and below is how to check phone number on Glo Nigeria.
To view phone number on MTN Sim, Dial *135*8# and your phone number will appear on screen. You can also visit and you should see your number at the top right corner.

How to Check My Number on MTN Sim.

Mtn Nigeria happens to be one of the largest telcos in Nigeria. It is widely accepted and used by Nigerians. Below is the USSD code to check your mtn phone number.
  • To check phone number on MTN Sim, Dial *123# ; Reply with 1 to enter Account Information; Reply with 1 again to check phone Number.
  • Your mobile number will not only show on screen, you will also receive it as a text message. The text message will look as thus “Y’ello! Your mobile number is 23481xxxxxxxx.
  • You can also dial *663#  to view your mtn phone number.

How to Check Phone Number on Airtel Nigeria.

Airtel is another telcos in Nigeria that can not be ignored. It is known for its fast internet speed in many locations in Nigeria.
  • To check phone number on airtel network, dial *121# ; Reply with 5 to access your Account information >> Reply with 1 again for My Number option.
  • Your phone number will appear on screen.

How to Check Phone Number on Etisalat Nigeria.

Etisalat is one of Nigeria Telcos and you can check your phone number on etisalat line using the USSD code below.
Dial *248# to know phone number on Etisalat line.
There you have it on how to check phone number on mtn, glo, airtel and etisalat Nigeria. Kindly inform us if you notice there is any changes to the USSD codes above. Don’t just read, click on the share button to inform your friends and relatives.


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