How To Download Videos From Instagram

 Method 1

Step 1. Login to your Instagram page.

Step 2.  Copy the video link/url;  To get the video's URL, open the Instagram handle( for example: @crazeclown ) or Web profile (for example:, click on the video you want download, and copy the URL from the option button under the video or the address bar. 

Step 3. Go to and paste this URL into Dredown and click on the “DreDown” button. Within seconds, your browser will start downloading the MP4 file.

Method 2
Step 1: Download tubemate(google it and download it from tubemate's official website).
Step 2: Copy the video link from Instagram handle/profile and paste in the url/address bar of the tubemate app.
Step 3: Click on the green download logo and choose the format you would like your video to be saved as. Enjoy.

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