How to delete stubborn virus from your Android phone.

How to delete stubborn virus from your Android phone or  prevent it.

There are different types of virus/malwares that can attack your android device due to the way files are easily shared and downloaded  on android phones. Virus attack could range from mild cases to severe ones.
NB: Even if your android device is not infected with virus/malware, you need to install Kaspersky antivirus to prevent future contamination.

For mild cases follow the steps below.

  •  Go to the menu on your phone and open google play store

  • Search for Kaspersky antivirus, and click on it.

  • When it opens the Kaspersky page on google play store click on install, then wait for it to download

  • After downloading to your phone, it will start installing immediately, so click on "next" several times when the installation dialog page comes up until you get to the accept terms and condition page,  then click on accept.

  • On the welcome to kaspersky page select your country then click on next.

On the End User License Agreement page click on accept and continue

  • On the next screen click on create an account or skip.

  • Click on use free version

  • Then click on the run the scan button.

Your files/ folders will be scaned for virus and if any virus is found, you be prompted to remove it. After your first scan endeavor to update your antivirus and scan again

                                 2nd Method

For severe cases(e.g Monkey Test Time Service Virus) Follow the Steps below.


First: Restore factory settings on your phone ( Recommended when you have a clean backup data ).

Second step : You need to download the following apps.

1. First of all you need to Download some files

-Vroot (iRoot) or King Root ( Search for kingwood on Google and install it on your phone)

-Titanium Backup Modified Version ( only download this modified version for Android Phone)

2. Make sure your data connection is active i.e you should have an active Internet subscription service or pay as you go.

3. Open King Root and click on the root button to root your phone.

4. Make sure your mobile connection is on ( with an active Internet service ) after few minutes your phone will be rooted. Move on to next step.

5. Install Titanium Backup and open it and give it root permissions by clicking on Allow button when prompted to do so.

6. Open Titanium backup and Uninstall these applications one by one (Note=Do Not Uninstall "Android System" Main Application)

    Adobe Air
    Android 1.0
    Android 1.0
    Android System 1.0 (Not Android System)
    Android System 1.2 (Note=Do Not Uninstall "Android System" Main Application)
    androidsystem 1.0
    com.froyo.satellite (Take Backup before uninstalling)
    Guard Service
    engrik (Take Backup before uninstalling)
    measure (Take Backup before uninstalling)
    omacp 4.x.x (Take Backup before uninstalling)
    thirdpartyapplicatoin observer 1.0 (Take Backup before uninstalling) ( Take Backup before uninstalling)
    systeminfo (Take Backup before uninstalling) (Take Backup before uninstalling)
    Time Service (Take Backup before uninstalling)
    Time Service
    Security Plugin
    HTML Viewer

If you mistakenly uninstall any system application then your device will misbehave but don't worry just restore your application from Titanium Backup if you did so.I have mentioned above for which applications backup is necessary.

7. Now go to settings>applications and Disable any application from the described apps if you find any one of these in your applications list and clear data of all these.

8. Now again open Titanium Backup and freeze apps which you uninstalled before if these are still there.

9. Here you Go.You are Done.But for precaution, again go to Settings>Apps and Disable any app you find suspicious.


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